Sordin Arc Rail Adapters (SARA) were derived out of a need to directly attach MSA Sordin’s directly to an end user’s helmet. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the SARA calls on the spring tension generated by  Peltor’s Arc Rail Adapters (sold separately) to achieve proper seal around the users ears and seamlessly integrates into the user’s head borne system. Lightweight, streamlined and designed with the simplicity and strength demanded by the end user, the SARA eliminates the headaches and discomfort associated with wearing over the ear head-band ear pro inside the helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does SARA stand for?

A: Sordin Arc Rail Adapter


Q: What are the SARA’s made out of?

A: The SARAs are CNC cut from 6061 T6 Bar stock Aluminum and hard anodized to stand up against wear and tear and extend the parts service life.


Q: How do I install the SARAs on my MSA Sordins?

A: Firelance Media put together an awesome video detailing exactly how to install the SARAs – Installation Procedure


Q: What tools will I need to install the SARAs?

A: You will need the following: knife or razor blade, H15 hex bit (screwdriver head), torix T8 bit, lineman’s pliers or similar pliers with diagonal cutters, split ring pliers. Optional items include vise, Loctite, dremel, and don’t forget to always wear eye protection!


Q: Will the SARAs work with any model MSA Sordins?

A: Not yet.  The current versions only work with the headband style model.   The studs that mount the neckband model Sordin’s utilize a different design that does not allow the SARA’s to directly attach to.  We are working on a parts kit to adapt the neckband model properly to the ARC Rail Adapters.


Q: Are the modifications permanent?

A: No.  The assembly is held together with snap rings.  You can easily convert your Sordins back to their original configuration by just reversing the installation process.


Q: Is there a way to run my Sordin’s both on the Arc Rails and on the headband?

A: Yes.  This does require a modification of your headband by simply cutting the factory loops off.  Once that is done you can easily mount the SARA’s on the headband and flip between using your Arc Rail Adapters or your headband.  The result looks like this:

SARA's attached to standard Sordin headband.

SARA’s attached to standard Sordin headband.