SARA’s Evolution

Back in March of 2013 when I first started playing around with attaching Sordins to my bucket, I spent a lot of time searching around for other solutions on the market. There were a few, albeit not quite what I was looking for which led me to the conclusion of fabricating my own. The first set were rather crude, with few of the dimensions remaining the same from one part to another, and ended up with a thick layer of Krylon on them. I was stoked that I had a fix for my problem and didn’t really have any further vision except a MkII version that were a little more streamlined than the first. All of that changed when I showed up to Pat Rogers EAG Shoothouse class sporting these new toys. I was immediately met by the response of other shooters demanding to know where I had found these crazy little parts and how they could get a set. Their initial response is largely responsible for formation of Iron Forged Concepts and the offering of the SARA to other shooters.

As with any piece of kit, I would never recommend it to someone unless i’d be willing to run it myself. Over the past six months, several different models of the SARA have found their way onto my trusty helmet, and after thousands of rounds on the range, feedback from many friends in the industry, and several redesigns, the GEN2 SARA came to fruition. Eliminating the annoying headband pinch, adding additional stability to the helmet, especially under the use of NVGs, and the peace of mind knowing you have a good seal around your ears are just a few of the benefits that I’ve found to running the SARAs. I’m proud of the form and function that the SARA has grown into, and am pleased to offer them. God speed and stay safe.

Owner, Iron Forged Concepts