SARA Gen 1 T&E

I’ve been running the SARA Gen 1’s the latter half of the summer (2013) through range and shoot house scenarios.  The ability to mount your ear pro directly on the helmet seems trivial but the benefits are pretty significant.  For me personally I have a large head and running Sordin’s all day under your bucket can be a real pain.  With the SARA’s you won’t feel any uncomfortable pain on the crown of your head that you may typically get.  When it’s time to take your ear pro off a simple pull on the ear pro away from your head, they will snap them into a position just off your head.  This lets you quickly go from no ear pro to ear pro in an instant.  When the ear pro is clamped down you get some added stability from the setup that you don’t get from the nape strap.

Installation is pretty simple, albeit a bit of a DIY project.  If you have Sordin’s already you simply need to get the Peltor Arc Rail Adapter kit and modify your Sordin’s to install the SARA’s.  This involves some pretty basic work with some snap ring pliers and a cutoff wheel or pretty solid wire cutters.  Simply remove the Sordin earpro from their headband by removing the cups and taking the e-rings off the studs that mount the cups to the headband.  Strip the black plastic clips off the Peltor Arc Rail Adapters.  If you have a larger head you may find that you will need to cut the wires off your Arc Rail Adapters almost up to an inch from the bottom tip.  This is an area of trial and error.  I wouldn’t suggest removing more than a 1/4″-3/8″ at a time while you try to get the fit perfect.  Once you get the fit good, blue loctite the set screw and you’re all set.  If you ever want to use your Sordin headband again simply cut the loops off the ends of the headband and the SARA’s can be unclamped from your helmet and back onto your headband with little effort.

Grand Rapids, MI