I received a set of SARAs earlier this year from Zach at IFC. They work beautifully. Installation can and will be a pain if you don’t have the appropriate tools to do it. I was relieved to see that IFC is offering not only the option to send in your Sordins to have them install it for you, but that they are selling the needed tools for you to do it yourself if you don’t already have them. Trust me on this, if you don’t have what is needed to do the job, don’t make do; get the tools when you order your SARAs. You’ll thank me in the end.  The video that is on the site helps tremendously. Take the time to watch it prior to your installation.


You have made my head and my kit a very happy camper. I always hated the ritual of having to put my Sordins on, route the comms wiring through the suspension system’s chin strap, and then putting on my helmet. Now, I just throw my brain bucket on and go. Not only is it more convenient, but is much more comfortable not having that plastic band around the top of my head under my helmet. There is no more need to place my helmet’s pads in special places so I had room for the headband, or constantly trying to ensure that the headband went to the front of the lip inside my AirFrame (the area where the two halves overlap).

Thanks again to Zach and IFC.


Adam L. McFarland