For several years I used my Behind the Head Sordins with my issued Protech Delta full cut helmet.  While the BTH style headset alleviated the problem of fitting a standard earpro headband under the helmet, there was always a lot of pressure on the sides of my head because of the lack of space between the earpro cups and the sides of the helmet.  I bought myself an OpsCore FAST high cut helmet hoping to find an answer to the comfort issue.  What really happened was the problem got worse.  While I now had room on the top and sides, it was all but impossible to get the earpro comfortably under the helmet because of the rear neckband on the Sordins and the fit adjustment dial located on the rear of the OpsCore helmet.

Then I learned of the SARAs developed by Zach at Iron Forged Concepts.   I saw the SARAs mentioned in an AAR written by Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical for a Shoothouse class.  I got in touch with Zach and ordered a set of SARAs.  However, I had to wait a while longer before I could install them as the extra parts needed to use the SARAs with BTH style earpro hadn’t been fully developed.  Later, I got to meet Zach in person at another EAG class.  He provided me with the extra parts needed to make the SARAs work with the BTH Sordins.    The parts are well made and the fit and finish are perfect.  These are not cheap plastic adapters that will eventually wear out or break.

After some hesitation about cutting into my Sordins, I watched the excellent tutorial video from Firelance Media and began to install the SARAs.   While doing it by yourself is possible, having someone there to provide an extra set of hands is helpful.   Once I finished the conversion and got my Sordins installed on my helmet I could not believe the difference it made in comfort and stability.  There were no more pressure points and no more fighting and struggling with headbands and helmet straps.   Simply put on your helmet, pivot the ear cups down, and then “click”  them into place by applying slight pressure to the sides of each earcup.

At work, I wear an “in the ear” earpiece for my comms and having the SARAs makes it possible to drop down my earpro at a “mount up point” and then swing the earpro up out of the way after the initial stage of our mission while we wrap up administrative issues.  No more taking off my earpro on scene to alleviate discomfort and looking for a place to put them until its time to leave.   And for long callouts, there is no discomfort after wearing the helmet with the earpro down in position even after several hours.

If you wear a “high cut” helmet with rails and Sordin earpro/comms I highly recommend getting a set of SARA adapters.   You’ll be glad you did.